Filing and paying PAYE and GST

Check out our ideas for the future of tax and find out what small businesses thought of them


Our vision for the future of filing and paying PAYE and GST

Getting your tax sorted may become easier soon. You can read about changes we are considering  below and watch a short video to see what changes could mean for busy business people like Andy & Sarah.

It’s important to note that some of the examples below would require changes to legislation. The New Zealand Government has signalled that they are considering all these changes, and more.  You can keep up to date on their proposals at (external link) .

Using the information in your accounting software

Since your accounting software would securely communicate with Inland Revenue  systems, your EMS and GST returns may be generated automatically. You’d review them and submit them to us, direct from your accounting software. You may even be able set up a future payment at the same time.

It’s also possible that we could send information you submit via your accounting software to other government departments on your behalf.  For example, rather than sending much of the same information to us and ACC, your accounting software could send the information to us, and we could forward on required information to ACC.

Businesses without accounting software, but keen to work electronically, would still be able to use myIR Secure Online Services to manage their tax.

Fixing mistakes

If you made a mistake and need to change your returns, you can make those changes online, and we’ll tell you quickly if we accepted the changes and any next steps.

All of your accounts in one place

When you login to myIR Secure Online Services to manage your tax, you’ll be able to see information about all your relationships with us from one account.  No more having to log in and out to swap between different accounts.

Your feedback

We asked for your comments around the ideas we had and whether you thought they could work for you. Check out a summary of the feedback.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts.


 Check out what these changes may mean for busy people like Andy & Sarah.

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What other people are saying

  • Hi there, I want an API to communicate with IRD (JSON micro-services preferably)...

    Then anyone can make/use a software which will suit him and you can just invest your time to keep these service secure and smart enough so each of them is doing on simple thing but it will do it well).

    And if you could do some smart thing like storing invoices (pictures from camera) and doing OCR/analysis that would great too.

    Tomas 20/06/2016 12:58pm (23 months ago)

  • Filling in returns online now is pretty quick and easy -it really couldn't be much easier

    I can't see how buying new accounting software to connect to IRD will make things easier

    Dean 21/06/2016 9:37am (23 months ago)

  • Great work keep it up

    Estrelita Kahikatea Dickinson 21/06/2016 10:39pm (23 months ago)

  • I would have to get the appropriate wage software rather than manual

    MARGARET THOMAS AMANI 22/06/2016 1:35pm (23 months ago)

  • In theory it sounds great, however the IRD have always been afraid of communication by electronic means. So what has changed at their end to keep all this info secure

    Tom Porter 23/06/2016 8:45am (23 months ago)

  • Why doesn't IRD just create it's own payroll software so that we don't have to buy into a third party to calculate and transfer the information? This should be free for those with just a few employees, or fee based on a % of payroll or set cost per active employee. For those of us with very small payroll it is easiest (and free) to just do manually otherwise.

    Jo 23/06/2016 10:28am (23 months ago)

  • All your tax information in one login is great. The other changes not so relevant to me but can see how those who do their GST in-house with Xero or similar would gain.

    Jim Dahm 23/06/2016 1:09pm (23 months ago)

  • Small local charities like us can't afford accounting software so this idea doesn't help.

    CHB SPCA 24/06/2016 10:59am (23 months ago)

  • It sounds good but would need to be accessible by my software database created from Filemaker Pro.

    Terry 24/06/2016 1:32pm (23 months ago)

  • This is great news as long as internet connections are robust. This morning I could not log on to my IRD account from the main IRD account- web page not found. It is also important that we can review payments that will be going out of our account for cashflow purposes before they do go out

    Carol 25/06/2016 1:06pm (23 months ago)

  • Important that not only large accounting software systems like Xero and MYOB are supported with direct IRD interface, but the smaller ones too - like CashBook Complete.

    The larger ones are extremely expensive subscription based packages (costing many hundreds or thousands of dollars per entity per year)and beyond the reach of most single person small businesses. It tends to be medium sized businesss that using the subscription based packages

    Paul King 25/06/2016 10:05pm (23 months ago)

  • not all businesses have accounting software some are still using spread sheets so the system would need to accommodate them

    Linda 27/06/2016 6:56am (23 months ago)

  • The IRD should provide the accounting software for things like tax tables, PAYE then it would really be a one stop shop

    Debby Hunt 27/06/2016 10:08am (23 months ago)

  • My income and expenses fluctuate dramatically during the year as well as between years therefore I need to calculate my situation precisely at year end. This is not possible under IRD proposed changes. I would also need to change accounting software adding further costs to my small business.
    IRD is not catering for businesses that do not extensively need nor use social media.

    Alice 27/06/2016 10:15am (23 months ago)

  • I use basic XL for my simple business so don't make it compulsory to use the new system.

    George 27/06/2016 10:32am (23 months ago)

  • I don't use accounting software, so no advantage to me, but as long as it doesn't make things harder for me then I don't have a problem with it.

    Richard 27/06/2016 10:35am (23 months ago)

  • Changes are good but it may give advantage to big accounting softwares over small ones as IRD may chose to integrate with bigger ones first. It would be ideal if IRD may come up with an online accounting software for small businesses.

    C Jain 27/06/2016 10:35am (23 months ago)

  • I don't see how this helps small business not using accounting or inventory systems.

    Leigh 27/06/2016 10:37am (23 months ago)

  • Doesn't really mean anything to me, seems irrelevant. Scrapping provisional tax would be far more beneficial, instead of prepaying you can actually use money on your business that is yours.

    Matt 27/06/2016 10:37am (23 months ago)

  • Perhaps provide a link for the main software packages like MYOB. For us smaller businesses that use a spreadsheet or free accounting package the present system works extremely well, and it is not cost effective to cover these for the number and variety involved.

    A centralised payroll system may be a good idea as long as the mistakes of big central systems like teachers and police are not repeated.

    Ken Taylor 27/06/2016 10:39am (23 months ago)

  • Fixing mistakes "quickly" - recent experience suggests this is impossible. You can't even reply to messages on the website logged in system within the suggested number of working days let alone actually fix things.

    Dennis Johns 27/06/2016 11:05am (23 months ago)

  • Hi there, this is a brilliant idea for a small business. I can see the benefits. But for me, I'm only paying G.S.T and tax for one day a week as am contracting my services. I would like to still see the current options available for people like me that don't actually own the business and it is very quick to do my GST return. Thanks!

    Sheree 27/06/2016 11:11am (23 months ago)

  • I don't use fancy software just a spreadsheet and images of invoices stored on my pc. I won't buy some proprietary accounting package just to file a tax return. It would be handy to have a cut and paste option to load data from my spreadsheet to the electronic page on the ird website so that transcription errors could be kept to a minimum. just like the banks now allow account number pasting. i don't like duplication of information but I don't think the privacy act will allow data sharing.

    robert okell 27/06/2016 11:31am (23 months ago)

  • Those of us whose businesses have no need (or budget) for expensive accounting software would not welcome any pressure from IRD to purchase one. It would be good if this webpage offered some assurance that manual online entry of simple accounts will still be supported.

    All information from a single log-in: Does this mean IRD will finally support RealMe login, as the rest of government does?

    Mark 27/06/2016 11:34am (23 months ago)

  • Rather than posting my 101A to you, why not email it? Less hassle for all, quicker and more reliable.

    Paul Garvin 27/06/2016 11:59am (23 months ago)

  • would we need to by new specialty software or have to start paying out each month to be part of the likes of Xero or MYOB to do your GST return, if it is the later then I am out - things are expensive enough as it is without having to pay for monthly software my software that is currently not online works just as well. so I am not sure..

    Cathy de Vries 27/06/2016 12:00pm (23 months ago)

  • The problem with paye for us is that we use a personal program that your firm does not recognise.

    Marie Kelso 27/06/2016 12:05pm (23 months ago)

  • I have a very straight forward consultancy business. My main asset is my skill set. I have few overheads, very little equipment and my expenses are never going to be great. I don't employ staff and am unlikely to. Having just completed my IR3, which was a lot more complicated than I expected, I would like to see scope to make my returns easier and faster. The form seems currently pitched at people running a small business that includes premises, staff and equipment.

    Lynne Dovey 27/06/2016 12:15pm (23 months ago)

  • I have three accounts to log into and this will save time and frustration with this new feature.

    Shirley Trumper 27/06/2016 12:20pm (23 months ago)

  • Just wondering how it will work if your business doesn't use a compatible accounts software package?

    Jan Wilson 27/06/2016 1:02pm (23 months ago)

  • Among the issues to consider are those pertaining to apportionment to business activities of private expenses and the reverse i.e apportionments of business expenses pertaining to private use. . Such adjustments may be made periodically and perhaps coinciding with GST return periods rather then say monthly. There's also the issues (for some) of timing of journals e.g. for depreciation. Also, adjustments for errors in transaction classifications which may be done by adjusting the original transaction and/or via a journal.

    Ray skinner 27/06/2016 2:28pm (23 months ago)

  • Sounds like a wise service addition for those of us already using relevant/compatible accounting & payroll software - but hopefully the current ways of processing would still be available for those without?

    Katie 27/06/2016 3:53pm (23 months ago)

  • How about supplying a file template who might not be using approved accounting but may just be using excel for example.

    Don 27/06/2016 7:10pm (23 months ago)

  • Stick always to everyday English, rather than using accounting or IRD terminology, and when you do deviate from everyday terms, put a clickable 'what does this mean?' question-mark icon beside it, so that an explanation is only a click away.

    And present forms as one scrollable screen, rather than chopping them up in some way, either with multiple screens or divided ones in which steps appear one at a time. At least give people the option, so that we can choose either spoonfuls or the whole meal.

    Nobilangelo Ceramalus 27/06/2016 7:30pm (23 months ago)

  • I think if a GST return was filed incorrectly you need to make the change be available regardless of the amount it is incorrect by. For example at the moment there is a $500 limit of GST error. If there was a significant amount and it resulted in GST to pay, I think you could incur a one-off penalty and make it so the tax payer has to pay the GST within 5 business days to avoid late payment penalties and interest. If the GST wasn't paid within that time then you incur penalties and interest and either set up a payment plan or the tax payer has to suffer the consequences. An amended GST return should also only be approved if the IR3 has not been filed. If the IR3 has been filed this has other consequences for income tax and provisional tax. If the IR3 had been filed then there should be a further penalty for the IR3 to be amended due to the lack of care in filing the GST returns originally. This could improve accuracy of GST returns filed and the use of accountants and experts by those who may be more likely to make mistakes as well. Positively enforce the tax payer's level of care and they will be more likely to do a better job at filing and paying their tax. Impose unrealistic penalties and they will be less likely to advise of any differences or amend the returns.

    Lisa 27/06/2016 7:41pm (23 months ago)

  • Oh I think this is great these opportunities to make login and work with Internet My IR workload smooth and less stressful.

    Estrelita K Dickinson 27/06/2016 8:52pm (23 months ago)

  • Being only a small business with no computer accounting, or computer account training seems a big expense for no return
    Present GST return is simple to return, so would probably scale business back under GST cut off point if manual book keeping is no longer possible. If to much expense to set up would probably just close business down

    Robert lawn mower gardener 27/06/2016 9:21pm (23 months ago)

  • First of all, thank you for allowing us to comment. I do appreciate the work you all do. However, I don't like this at all. There is no flexibility or choice in this proposal. It is NOT suitable for small businesses like mine which do not use accounting software but prefer to work manually. The nature of my business is such that my accounts are fairly straightforward. I have tried accounting software but found it confusing, complicated and slower to implement than my manual records. There can be hitches at your end too. Earlier this year my GST and PAYE forms were all being sent to my accountant's office instead of to me and she couldn't get that changed via computer. We ended up having to call you directly to get that fixed. I have no intention of changing back to a computerised system and I hope you will continue to allow choice. Please!

    I want to comment but I don't want my name published 28/06/2016 6:18am (23 months ago)

  • Great if you use such a software but we're a small business that doesn't use software. Would we have to purchase and use the recommended products to file our returns or is can we carry on the way we are currently if we so wish.

    Shailina 28/06/2016 10:28am (23 months ago)

  • Would like to see this effect Provisional as well on a more regular basis. As a manufacturer - January is the worst time as we don't get paid due to people being on holiday, but with importing our raw materials from China, we have to get them in around Nov/Dec as the Chinese New Year then holds us out till March - major hits on cashflow!

    Lynda 28/06/2016 10:42am (23 months ago)

  • It sounds to me like real progress is being made.
    Will a small business still have to have an accountant. Accountancy fees for a Small / Medium Business can be crippling. It is just like another tax.
    Could there be a cost saving for I R D if there was to be an upper limit for having to provide an
    Income Tax return much the same as Salary & Wage earners are treated at the moment.
    Checking all these paltry returns must costs millions of dollars.
    Compliance costs have to come down & these proposed ideas should go some way to addressing that problem.
    The other thing is that shouldn't we be looking at the threshold for G S T Registration.
    The current level of $60,000 turnover as a benchmark is out of step with reality. To my knowledge it has never been reviewed since G S T started in 1987.
    I believe it should be raised to $100,000 The Government is putting a road block in the way
    of gaining more revenue for itself. How come you say?
    Simply that when a business owner reaches the threshold as it is at present they can't be bothered with all the paperwork & compliance problems associated with expanding their business so they either slow down or quit until the next financial year.
    Net result is that Government misses out on Income Tax which could be gathered
    as Businesses earn more. The extra turnover in most cases would be super profit due to the fact
    that in most Small / Medium Businesses fixed costs would be covered within their current structure.
    There may be other things that could be done but that is enough for now.
    Yours Faithfully
    Barry Pollett
    Small Business Owner

    Barry Pollett 28/06/2016 11:02am (23 months ago)

  • I am happy with my accounting software which is unlikely to connect to IRD.
    I do not want to 'have to change' solely for this purpose.

    Julie 28/06/2016 11:27am (23 months ago)

  • There is no need for the invasion of privacy associated with inter-agency information transfer. If Xero and MYOB want an unfair advantage over their free competitors, like Wave or good old spreadsheets, then sacrificing our rights is not the way to do it.

    If IRD, ACC, etc. had open APIs, then developers could communicate directly with these. The accounting software would communicate with each agency individually, using the same information, so from a user perspective there would still be a single input, but with direct confirmation from each transaction. I see a very real situation where information is posted to IRD, not correctly relayed to ACC, and then the client faces a penalty or fine. It's much more secure to post to and receive confirmation from each transaction individually.

    In other words all we need is an open API from each agency, and the bright developers out there, including your friends at Xero, will find better ways to make things easier and faster for their customers, but just on a fair playing field.

    Shawn Pate 28/06/2016 12:10pm (23 months ago)

  • Those are three different suggestions, so can't be answered as one, which is why I answered unsure, and might be why others answered unsure or disagree. Ability to make changes - agree. Single login - agree. Sending info direct from accounting software - agree that if people want it, it should be an option. But wouldn't agree with it being compulsory.

    Deborah 28/06/2016 12:17pm (23 months ago)

  • I do not as yet have an accounting software package as I am still in a seed stage of my business. I would like to take advantage of the on line filing suggestions offered by ird however I would like a software package. Perhaps ird or govt could provide a simple software package for start up businesses. I would really appreciate this.

    Bharti Hira 28/06/2016 12:31pm (23 months ago)

  • The lack of formatting commands in MyIR comments is extremely frustrating, as is it's timeout. We need to be able to communicate by cutting and pasting from, or attaching, a word document.
    Please can we delete the cents from GST forms and round to the nearest dollar, it saves a lot of time entering and reconciling numbers
    You need to be more be relaxed about correcting errors. Billions of transactions are processed through New Zealand's accounting systems every day and there is an irreducible error rate. They mostly cancel out, and taxpayers simply let them wash out naturally. Requiring perfect accounting systems, or seeking formal correction against a heavy handed penalties regime, is an expensive waste of everyone's time and money and a triumph of bureaucratic pedantry over realism.

    William Somerville 28/06/2016 1:00pm (23 months ago)

  • The problem I hit most of the time is that my browser is too new to work with your systems or IRD systems are down for maintenance. For us small businesses that need to do our taxes at night we're better off using paper as we know we'll get the job done.

    Simon Murcott 28/06/2016 1:09pm (23 months ago)

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your all your comments.

    Businesses would not have to purchase accounting software as they would still be able to use Inland Revenue’s myIR Secure Online Services to manage their tax.

    However, to make tax easier for businesses in the future, we are working with the accounting software industry to identify ways their software might work with our systems.


    Inland Revenue's Changing For You team

    Inland Revenue's Changing For You Team 28/06/2016 2:24pm (23 months ago)

  • My accounts are simple enough to do in a spread sheet. The existing online GST return is great as usually there are only 5 or 6 transactions each month

    Mike Butler 28/06/2016 6:24pm (23 months ago)

  • This would add considerable and unnecessary expenses to our small business for both accounting and payroll software where manual accounts and payroll are quick, simple & free.

    Caroline Jones 28/06/2016 7:25pm (23 months ago)

  • While there isn't anything wrong with what your youtube clip is talking about doing, it's just tweaking (for the better from my own perspective) the current way of doing things for people who chose to engage with the IRD in a fair and honest way. It would be better still, as others have said, if you could provide a simple no frills accounting package linked to their bank accounts for people with none and once they've entered there numbers you have all you need, give a portal for employees to check the pay their employer has entered. For other software such as MYOB provide an API they can use to get the info flowing. Anyone else has the manual/online option per your post.

    That said, what are you doing about casting the net wider to capture the huge (and growing quickly) group of people who do not engage with IRD in a fair and honest way? Specifically, I'm talking about the people working for approx. $8 an hour up and down Dominion Road in Auckland, the corporates who do huge turnover and manage to make very little and I'll include some of the so called charities with them?

    Out of scope I'm sure you'll say, well it's time to look outside the box you've created (current system). To that end, I'd like to see a new system of taxation that isn't so easy to game, it might mean less privacy for me, it might mean taking some ideas from tax working groups and eliminating entire parts of the current system (as opposed to tweaking them).

    In summary, if you're "working to design, build and deliver a better system for Kiwis" then build a system that is fair to all and difficult to hide from for those less inclined to "do the right thing" (Hint: make is simple and without exceptions).

    Please be bold, New Zealanders may actually thank you for it if you can reduce your organisations foot print as well as their compliance time. They might even think you're working for them...

    Murray Falconer 28/06/2016 7:51pm (23 months ago)

  • I completely agree with numbers of other comments. The IRD should provide a simplified accounting package/app free of charge. Maybe IRD should partner with Xero or someone who actually knows how to do it.
    I currently use a spreadsheet that mimics the IRD returns but it is pretty complex and sometimes goes belly up. I am not an an accountant, they cost too much for my small business.
    I import my transactions from my bank, as a csv, then process them in a spreadsheet so that they eventually conform to the IRD return format. But it is a lot of work that I never get paid for.
    I personally think that if the IRD demands that we return this information then they should pay for the cost of that.

    Ian Vincent 28/06/2016 9:54pm (23 months ago)

  • It may work for some small businesses but it won't work for mine. I work off a spreadsheet and have no intentions of using an accounting package for my business. It's not necessary and I will not go to that unnecessary expense. If this system is implemented that is fine, but it can't be mandatory for all self-employed people, that would be totally unfair. I am extremely with the current system of online return submissions, it works well for me.

    Marlene Dragicevich 29/06/2016 12:31am (23 months ago)

  • I fully agree with Tomas below. Instead of binding myIRD with Xero only, please provide instead a secure API so that any software could possibly be used to interact with the IRD. Not everybody uses Xero or MYOB ! And nothing would prevent Xero / MYOB and the likes to use this API.

    Thomas 29/06/2016 7:46am (23 months ago)

  • all good initiatives, however, I have invested a lot of time (in training and experience) and resources (initial payout and upgrades) for the accounting platform I currently use, will this possible new service require anyone who wants to use it to move to another or will IRD interface with many?

    Steve 29/06/2016 8:53am (23 months ago)

  • I would have to change my accounting software to make it compatible with the IRD software. Currently I produce a report which matches the fields requested on the form/online screen, so it does not require much to type the values into the online screen.

    Harold Jurgens 29/06/2016 9:35am (23 months ago)

  • When talking about small businesses, please don't forget those of us who are starting out (or have very straightforward businesses), and find spreadsheets more than adequate for our financial needs. I hope when interfaces to IRD are created a simple - upload from your spreadsheets (conforming to an IRD standard) - to IRD.

    Viv 29/06/2016 9:57am (23 months ago)

  • I wish that the online IR7 Return form provided the very handy "Save draft" facility that is provided for the online IR3 Return form. Is there any reason why this cannot be done?

    Robert Stoothoff 29/06/2016 10:14am (23 months ago)

  • The presumption that every business uses an accounting package may be misguided. I know several who use ledgers and/or spreadsheets.
    Whilst the drive for a continuously connect world is well understood it shouldn't be used to force/coerce people to rely solely on on-line systems. Being rural we suffer power and internet outages frequently. We are 20Km from central Christchurch and yet there is no mobile coverage. and no plans to address
    In short multiple channels need to be maintained.

    On a more positive note allowing people to correct a mis-filing would be good.

    Dr D M Whale 29/06/2016 10:30am (23 months ago)

  • The developoments so far do not help micro businesses. You have helped larger businesses who probably already have accountants or people dedicated to their monthly tax management anyway.

    You could spend less of the government money if you did some small incremental improvements, such as having a Pay Now button at the end of each online form. This could be like NZTA for online registration, and the transaction coded so it goes to the right place with you. You could use this for all tax, not just PAYE and GST.

    Grant Collingwood 29/06/2016 10:46am (23 months ago)

  • As we are a very small business, I currently do my accounts through a manual cash book.
    Therefore it would not be beneficial to us to change to an online accounting system.
    Would IRD make allowances for companies like us, therefore letting us continue with the current system.

    Linda Mellor 29/06/2016 11:11am (23 months ago)

  • My concern lies in the compliance cost (ie. new software) & set up costs, particularly for new & small businesses. What about when the internet is "down" as happens periodically in my area?
    While it is definitely quicker & simpler, I would like to see backup options available.

    Joy 29/06/2016 11:18am (23 months ago)

  • I agree it will be easier as long as my current software package is compatible with IRD's system. And lets get real here, these changes are probably going to happen no matter what we say.

    Lynne 29/06/2016 11:51am (23 months ago)

  • I think this is a Big Brother manoevre being sold in typical "Wellington comms" fashion as being "all about the people", and particularly, framing it as being about "saving us time and money".

    The primary purpose, as I interpret it (more correctly, I believe) is to give the IRD the power to go directly into our bank accounts and take even greater control of our lives and reduce the small degree of privacy we have left.

    Of course, it may well "save time and money" (for some, although other comments on this site clearly demonstrate it would work in the reverse direction for others), but ultimately, any thinking person only has to look towards the medium-term future to see the implications of this to our freedom, our privacy and our control over our own businesses, finances and lives.

    From that perspective, this is NOT a healthy direction to go in.

    I also object to the one-dimensional (i.e. benefits only) promotional angle it's being "sold" to the public from. Again, typical "Wellington comms" tactics by Govt contractors and PR agencies that have sold their souls to their employers/clients.

    Jo Kelly 29/06/2016 11:58am (23 months ago)

  • Like the point about one signin for various tax registered accounts, however it would be important to be able to split out personal and business (the company you are employed with) so not mistake or cross over of information.

    Peter Hine 29/06/2016 12:15pm (23 months ago)

  • Yes ..all of the changes will make it so much easier to manage ....

    Steeldove Ltd 29/06/2016 12:22pm (23 months ago)

  • As a tax agent I think people will submit incorrect returns due to a lack of understanding of the tax system and legislation. While it may look easy, there are many concepts which are hard to apply and many traps for the unwary.

    Mark Lawton 29/06/2016 12:33pm (23 months ago)

  • Second Jo's idea. IRD should run a bare bones online payroll solution for small businesses with a handfull of employees.

    Paul 29/06/2016 1:01pm (23 months ago)

  • Why does the Inland Revenue not commission a universal Accounting package for small/medium businesses which we can use online. It will save us, on accounting costs, filling returns, tax computations and there will be no dispute about compatibility.
    Of course there will be a software cost for the IR to develop this software but it will reduce a lot of unnecessary compliance burden on small/medium businesses.
    The benefits will be for both the businesses and the IR.

    H Zachariadis 29/06/2016 1:13pm (23 months ago)

  • Sounds awesome, I hate spending time on my tax; anything which makes it simpler would be fantastic.

    Sharon 29/06/2016 1:35pm (23 months ago)

  • This sounds great. I use Xero for three small businesses, and this would reduce the amount of time it takes to file the paperwork with the IRD, as well as remove the chance for error from hand copying the information across.

    The end of year items that are online currently are working very well such as the IR4 online form system.

    The only thing I now have to post (all year to anyone for my businesses) is the IR4S & IR10 which are the information from the IR4 copied onto paper copies and hand posted to the IRD. If you could fill these in automatically (the information is already on the IR4), or at least allow us to email them that would reduce processing, printing, envelope & postage costs on our end & mail service and paper processing costs on the IRD's end.

    All good steps in the correct direction!

    Dana Dopleach 29/06/2016 1:44pm (23 months ago)

  • It will be very expensive in the long run. Because we need to update our computer hardware all the time to match the change of the system. It is also time consuming to learn these softwares.

    Jenny 29/06/2016 4:48pm (23 months ago)

  • "All of your accounts in one place" on the IRD website would make a big difference - it's very painful at the moment remembering all the login details for each IRD number, and having to log out, log in, review, and go back. In the past I've had a Chrome session, Firefox session, Safari session, Internet Explorer session, and Edge session each logged in simultaneously with different IRD numbers, to avoid the login/logout process. Still juggling but at least we have simultaneous connections at tax time or when trying to reconcile IRD transactions.

    Mike 29/06/2016 5:52pm (23 months ago)

  • I just saw another person's comment about wanting an API to communicate with IRD "(JSON micro-services preferably)"... and I can say we would definitely make use of this as well. How modern would that be for the IRD! Some anonymous tools (e.g. online JSON based PAYE calculator) would be extremely useful, and wouldn't need any authentication tokens. Further down the track, account interrogation/submission could be added, using a secured authentication token/API key received through the myIRD site.

    Mike 29/06/2016 5:59pm (23 months ago)

  • I'd be very pleased if IRD supplied a basic accounting package specially for small businesses. I cannot afford these.

    Barry 29/06/2016 6:23pm (23 months ago)

  • i like to do my calculations on paper and just transfer that to online - don't require much and like the system the way it is

    Jenny 29/06/2016 6:51pm (23 months ago)

  • Would IRD be supplying the software package to use. Presently the system works well but I do like the idea of reducing all the terminology involved with entering returns ie I know the gst amount and need to work out the etc etc

    Andrew hume 29/06/2016 8:46pm (23 months ago)

  • The sooner the better.
    Offering a working template / spread sheet would save me a lot of time and help maintain accurate data in the order that is required for your return.

    Graham Heinz 30/06/2016 9:51am (23 months ago)

  • What we have now works for me as I don't use accounting software. If you do go forward with this, can you retain the current system as an option rather than making the new one compulsory?

    Alex 30/06/2016 10:21am (23 months ago)

  • This is overdue!

    Steffen G. 30/06/2016 10:23am (23 months ago)

  • I have accounting software but am at an age when changes are difficult. Good education around what needs to happen for changes to be implemented in non technical language is needed.

    Hilary McKenzie 30/06/2016 10:27am (23 months ago)

  • This is good news for those of us using online accounting systems, Reduces duplication of work and saves time. Long overdue.

    For those complaining that this doesn't help you because you aren't using a modern accounting program or payroll system, I'm not sure exactly what you expect IRD to DO fo you!

    It's like the IRD saying they will now allow you to submit your tax via mobile phone, and some people complaining that this does nothing to help landline users! They are already providing the best system that your outmoded technology will allow. Accept that other people shouldn't be held back just because you can't accept/don't need better systems

    Paul G 30/06/2016 10:31am (23 months ago)

  • Great progressive concept. Streamlining these processes is efficient use of my time and will reduce human error from double entering data.

    Amy Passau 30/06/2016 10:43am (23 months ago)

  • Hi there,
    We pay GST, provisional Tax, income tax, etc. Basically all adds up to about 37% in tax $. There should be a simpler system that if you are earning over particular threshold, then you pay IRD x% of the money you earn less x% of business expenses that you can claim in 6 month period. So at month end or 6 monthly, you just pay that amount to IRD... Or based on numerous data available with IRD, they can just find a % where the % is low so you don't claim any expenses... Just pay x% of the money you earn and that's your total tax... No provisional, no GST, no other tax...Tax sorted.. No software required.. It's simple Logic.

    Mohit Prasad 30/06/2016 10:44am (23 months ago)

  • "If you made a mistake and need to change your returns, you can make those changes online, and we’ll tell you quickly if we accepted the changes and any next steps.". What is the definition of quickly - my experience to date is that it takes 10-15 business days before you receive a response from IRD for basic questions.
    It would good to understand where Use Of Money fits here - particular for those professions where future money cannot be guaranteed i.e. contract work.

    Sunil 30/06/2016 10:45am (23 months ago)

  • I am happy with things the way it set up now. We don't pay wages.
    Being able to see the current information on line is quite adequate and simple.

    Alison Fifield 30/06/2016 10:52am (23 months ago)

  • Having API and MS Excel connector on IRD site available for people's use seems to be a great idea.

    Oleg Zamaryakhin 30/06/2016 11:10am (23 months ago)

  • I endorse the views that IRD should provide a free accounting app that would avoid duplication of business records and IRD wages returns. The cost of this to IRD should be considered a quid pro quo to tax payers who spend a huge amount of time on tax compliance.
    I also agree that the app should be designed by a firm that has competitive commercial experience. I feel that many of the IRD's online processes are designed for the benefit of IRD, not the customer.

    Jeremy Manks 30/06/2016 11:27am (23 months ago)

  • Lotsa folk esp charities and small/emerging businesses don't use accounting software or use it partially, so please keep in mind the Excel crowd when making your changes. It would be helpful to make the online interfaces more streamlined and intuitive.

    Jeremy 30/06/2016 11:54am (23 months ago)

  • Hello,
    Thanks for the opportunity of having a say in tax matters. I have the following suggestions:

    1. When filing company tax returns (IR4) it would be good to be able to do it from MyIR rather than following several difficult links from I recently had to phone IRD to find out how to do it online - and spend a lot of time in the process.

    2. When you send an email notification to me, my company or my trust it would be good to mention the name of the company, trust or individual in addition to the IRD number. At present you are only mentioning the IRD number and I have to search for the name of the corresponding entity.

    3. My wife has been submitting IR3 returns every year. But sometimes (eg this year) there is no option to do it online and I had to call IRD twice to enable the option to submit the return online. I suggest that if an individual has submitted the IR3 return online in the previous year that option should be available by default in the next year as well.

    George Varghese

    George Varghese 30/06/2016 11:56am (23 months ago)

  • Not sure about having to purchase more software and learn how to use it, when spreadsheets do it pretty quickly now.
    Having everything online in one place would be good.

    Graeme 30/06/2016 12:10pm (23 months ago)

  • Sometimes a GST report needs altering due to journal transactions, which aren't taken into account when generating the report. Therefore definitely not keen on direct transmission from accounting software to IRD.

    Justin Keeling 30/06/2016 12:15pm (23 months ago)

  • Looks good.
    Only query is will trust tax returns be moving to electronic filing? Please!

    Dennis Duthie 30/06/2016 12:26pm (23 months ago)

  • How about online filing of IR 15 P... RWT on interest , please?

    A Kyriak 30/06/2016 12:49pm (23 months ago)

  • As a small company, I am pleased that the proposal no longer requires me to purchase accounting software that connects to IRD computers.
    I already use MyIR personally and will be pleased to see the end of having to find and download the correct IR4 form for business (although I realise that you will probably be asking for much the same information).

    John R Hulston 30/06/2016 1:49pm (23 months ago)

  • It would be great if IRD can provide some basic accounting softwares for filing GST etc to small businesses, sole traders.

    Leon 30/06/2016 2:16pm (23 months ago)

  • To keep the financial records for my business, I use Quicken Essential for Mac Ver 1.7.4 software . Will I be able to keep using my software with the new system?

    Owen Cunliffe 30/06/2016 2:36pm (23 months ago)

  • The IRD reporting is fairly simple - its taking information from the pay system to the accounts system that takes more time

    Robyn Boylan (Smeaton) 30/06/2016 4:13pm (23 months ago)

  • We do our GST return manually & don't want to have the cost of buying a software program.
    We only sell small amounts on Trade me.
    More than happy to do GST online, which we do now.
    Happy to leave things as they are for small business.

    Gerry 30/06/2016 6:27pm (23 months ago)

  • I'd happily track all of my transactions as I go on IRD-hosted spreadsheets weekly, and you can track as I go. I would also happily give greater-itemised visibilty on GST returns, if it meant that I could pull a balance sheet (and other useful company reports) from Inland Revenue.

    Alternatively having an API so accounting software can do this for me would be just as useful.

    Finally, saving and allowing me easy access in one place to view returns, attachments, etc, that I have submitted would be very useful.

    Matt 01/07/2016 3:29am (23 months ago)

  • How about free accounting software for businesses?

    R & M p/ship 01/07/2016 6:46am (23 months ago)

  • Please stop wasting money on kitschy junk like this and just fix your website, it's a pain to use.

    Tax Payer 01/07/2016 7:44am (23 months ago)

  • bundle ACC premium into the PAYE so one return and payment each month covers everything

    Chris 01/07/2016 11:30am (23 months ago)

  • - It's good that you are going more online and trying to simplify. Good for you to seek feedback.
    - Currently I am living on invested retirement funds rather than invoiced earnings. I have small amounts of foreign earnings (scarcely enough to justify using an accountant every year). Surely the tax treatment and explanations of these could be made easier.
    - Subscription (SaaS) accounting packages are expensive for small businesses and especially for small not-for-profits. (Capitalise up the monthly cost - especially at today's interest rates - and compare that with the one-off cost of a basic stand-alone package.) I'm all for IRD providing the ability to integrate with those packages, as long as (1) other systems remain available and simple to use, and (2) the IRD system is agnostic as to which accounting package is used (ie a generic API rather than a specific connection to particular packages).
    - Some responders have suggested that IRD offer a simple accounting package. I can see a number of arguments against this, but perhaps IRD could encourage banks to dip their toes a bit deeper into this water. The IRD payroll subsidy is an interesting and innovative model.

    John Pettigrew 01/07/2016 1:03pm (23 months ago)

  • If the IRD is serious creating a robust tax system it is going about it the wrong way. It is relying on software to provide information to IRD to ensure that tax payers comply with their tax obligations. While Xero and the like have done a fantastic job of selling the benefits of making compliance simpler, in practice, software is not the answer. As with any software, the quality of information produced is determined by the skill and knowledge of the user. This is critical in tax compliance where the tax laws are very complicated. While it may be easy to send information from software direct to IRD it doesn't make the information correct. I wonder if anyone making these decisions has even worked in public practice doing this type of work. The cost to sort out the errors at year end might be greater than the cost savings during the year. I also hope that users without accounting and tax knowledge know about the Penalties Regime and the costs of getting things wrong.

    Nick 01/07/2016 2:40pm (23 months ago)

  • Using the available technology to help business file information online seamlessly is long overdue - but I think much of the promotion surrounding this is leading to a misconception that all that will be required is a mere repository of transactional information - without proper accounting treatment.
    Making it clear that income and costs will still need to be coded correctly is vital - and I think will lead to people taking up better systems to help them do this.

    Nina 01/07/2016 3:39pm (23 months ago)

  • The online gst returns are easy and quick. I am happy with the way it works now and don't want to buy new software

    Janice 01/07/2016 3:45pm (23 months ago)

  • Accounting software already makes GST returns pretty simple so wouldn't spend too much time on integrating with IRD. I'd rather the myIRD pages were stripped back and refreshed and a focus on simplifying or removing tax jargon.

    Matt 01/07/2016 3:53pm (23 months ago)

  • We dontvuse any accounting system cos we don't employ staff of run a business. We a sample community group that fundraiser & applied shoe the odd Grant occasionally. Probs not relevant to us for now. Enjoy the current ir services for doing our GST.

    Tere 01/07/2016 7:54pm (23 months ago)

  • There are a number of us older people who submit a tax return and pay GST because we have rental income. How will the new system cater for people who don't have or don't know how to use accounting software? A lot of retirees are technically challenged, and need to be provided with a system that takes this into account.

    Alison McMinn 02/07/2016 2:18pm (23 months ago)

  • This is such a brilliant idea! Makes life so much easier! And I would save on having an accountant!!! Brilliant

    Cheryl 02/07/2016 6:24pm (23 months ago)

  • As long as it isn't compulsory!
    Being a one man band selling labour, I use a spreadsheet and don't need or want an accounting package.

    Leendert van Ginkel 03/07/2016 11:54am (23 months ago)

  • I wonder why you are giving such an enormous advantage to Xero and MYOB. Also why eliminate small tax agents which this system will do. Finally why is the IRD opting to accept incorrect data which will surely follow such a change as is proposed.

    Sid McCann 03/07/2016 1:15pm (23 months ago)

  • if I could pay my income tax monthly, then managing my money would be so much easier and safer , I wouldn't have to worry about tax bills and the amounts of tax, trying to estimate what your tax bill SHOULD be isn't easy. If I can work out my gst per month then surely I can work out my income tax and acc, it would be the end of scary tax bills you didn't budget enough for

    Brooke Macdonald 03/07/2016 4:14pm (23 months ago)

  • Good idea re GST corrections. However, if the software is used correctly, there shouldn't be the need to make corrections in the first place. Payroll software (eg Smartpayroll & iPayroll) already process the information needed, but it is a good idea that Government Departments communicate with each other.

    Antony 04/07/2016 8:51am (23 months ago)

  • Why not make all tax really simple and collect say 1% through banks on every transaction and eliminate all other tax types?

    Eli DeMeulemeester 04/07/2016 10:55am (23 months ago)

  • It would make more sense for some of these easy updates like making changes online to a GST return available to accountants who still have to write and telephone IRD to get any changes made to their clients GST returns

    Rebecca 04/07/2016 12:06pm (23 months ago)

  • @CHB SPCA I use free accounting software called 'waveapps' from It's awesome! You can even send invoices direct to your customers without downloading first.
    @IRD Would be great if I could send my tax stuff off straight from waveapps.

    Jennifer 04/07/2016 12:33pm (23 months ago)

  • I dont like "BIG BROTHER" looking at my transactions and checking up on me

    Russell 04/07/2016 3:50pm (23 months ago)

  • Would the Government sponsor the software for Incorporated Societies and Charities like us?? We couldn't afford it otherwise...

    Renee 04/07/2016 8:53pm (23 months ago)

  • GST Return - trying to decide what is exempt or zero rated requires scrolling down and ducking and diving through multiple screens to cross check all the fine print. Financial Services are on both.

    New system should have drop down boxes or algorithims or something that acts as a knowledgeable virtual-accountant to guide you through the process and ensure correct coding. The descriptors currently on the site seem very outdated. There are even some references to 12.5%GST. And it's not very clear if you what to do if you are buying cloud-based services from another country which doesn't charge GST.

    Somebody else has already posted about the quality of information only being as good as the understanding of our complex tax requirements of the person who is inputting the information. The new system should be designed to improve the quality of information that is input into the IRD system.

    Susie 04/07/2016 8:58pm (23 months ago)

  • One word - Xero

    Donald Chandler 06/07/2016 12:11pm (23 months ago)

  • Filing GST on line is so much easier now - and the little reminders a couple of days out ensure I don't forget and end up with late lodgment fees - a great incentive and so easy.

    Cathie 06/07/2016 12:19pm (23 months ago)

  • Fully agree with everyone filing GST returns on line but connecting the likes of MYOB or Xero directly to the IRD (and other government departments) is unnecessary. People in business understand they have to comply with the law, IRD already have rights to investigate and prosecute taxpayers who break the law. Better efficiencies from extending the online service to income tax returns for filers and being able to import financial statements from the accounting packages in lieu of IR10s (like MAP service for NZX)

    Geoff Copstick 06/07/2016 12:28pm (23 months ago)

  • For small systems an IRD accounting program would be of great benefit as long as it was easy to operate and understand. Accounting is so dear to buy today..........

    Jon Pattison 06/07/2016 12:30pm (23 months ago)

  • Good idea in principle, but (really) small businesses simply can't afford to use third party or cloud based accounting software. Making it an option is good, making it compulsory would be extra bad.

    Mike 06/07/2016 12:31pm (23 months ago)

  • Being a small solo trader I do not use software to keep, calculate or file records: I do use the on-line service for filing GST and IR3 returns and find the responsive interface easy and intuitive - This service alone represents considerable time saving for me. One comment I would like to make is that of terminology on the IR3 and IR10:
    On the IR10 we calculate and record all expenses not covered by another heading as "Other expenses": On the questionaire section of the return the question is asked " do you have "other expenses"? which refers to all the business expenses incurred.
    To remove any confusion it would be appropriate to use a term other than "other" for example do you have "business expenses" or similar:
    Other than that I think the whole on-line return completion, filing and payment/receipt service is excellent.

    Richard Crooks 06/07/2016 4:11pm (23 months ago)

  • I don't want to buy new accounting software to connect to you. I also want to decide what info I provide to other govt agencies - I don't want you to decide for me. I think you should stick to your knitting and specialise in taxes and not try and sort out other things. I don't want my tax payer money spent on this! I'd rather it went to addressing child poverty in NZ; esp. If your changes are going to cost me more tax money!! Your online services are already awesome and working well - why do you need to do more?

    Jason 06/07/2016 8:24pm (23 months ago)

  • I only do GST. I do it manually but would prefer to do it electronically. If there was a low cost option that fitted with your proposed system I would definitely change to that.

    Rodney John Ford 07/07/2016 12:38pm (23 months ago)

  • If the person doing the administration is an accountant or proficient book-keeper that might work but many small businesses still rely on manual book-keeping or a combination of computer and pen/paper, and of course their accountant to check everything. From time to time you have transactions to account for things like bad debts or a loan and this could be where things get messy. You might correctly make adjustments to the cashbook/GST return... but if you make any data entry errors (even as simple as entering the wrong date or a coding error) and don't have reliable procedures in place for checking, editing or any journal adjustments then the information supplied to IRD won't be very reliable.

    Nikki 07/07/2016 1:03pm (23 months ago)

  • Please make sure that you retain the current method used to submit tax returns online, since many people do not use third-party accounting software.

    Paul 07/07/2016 1:05pm (23 months ago)

  • Very keen on having all IR accounts in one place. This would very helpful for me.

    Dianne 07/07/2016 3:09pm (23 months ago)

  • It very handy save time.good system

    aiwin dias 07/07/2016 4:31pm (23 months ago)

  • Try having only a tax on transactions. Pretty sure that would bring in more tax than now , spread the burden more evenly and then tax returns would be thing of the past
    Banks would be doing something useful and those making money out of money would also be taxed.

    j pearsall 07/07/2016 6:52pm (23 months ago)

  • Would that mean that my personal income tax and my business income tax returns would be all in one place .

    Mahendra Tejnani 07/07/2016 8:08pm (23 months ago)

  • Make it easy to change GST returns from 6Months to one Month for small businesses or starting a business

    Graeme LeProu 08/07/2016 9:51am (23 months ago)

  • This is such a great development and will be so helpful when GST & Income Returns are due - thanks IRD

    Emere Purewa Reweti 08/07/2016 12:10pm (23 months ago)

  • Joined up Govt with only having to do the info once is a very good thing. More of that please.

    Nigel Parry 08/07/2016 12:18pm (23 months ago)

  • I agree with others here that the tax software automation interface should be open and public. I have home grown tax software. Even simple things like letting me cut and paste a JSON format IR4 and IR10 would reduce the risk of me making mistakes copying numbers by hand.

    More documentation on intermediate accounting for small businesses would have saved me a lot of internet searching in the past. I've exhausted the IRD info and am using 'Slash your taxes now' by Peter Sibbald to answer a lot of questions I have. It's an old reference and surely you guys can do better.

    Traveler Hauptman 08/07/2016 3:17pm (23 months ago)

  • We already go onto IRD site to fill out GST returns and employer deductions, IRD could adapt these pages to satisfy there and our needs without us having to upgrade accounts packages. and be at the mercy and expense of Software manufacturers.We still need to provide end of year returns which can be used as wash up detail.

    Michael Keat 08/07/2016 4:27pm (23 months ago)

  • I really like the idea of having only 1 login - I have 5 at the moment. The other suggestions are all heading in the right direction.

    Mark 08/07/2016 4:44pm (23 months ago)

  • Thank you wish we had read this much sooner, however we have just proved it works, at our ages, 9o and 75yrs this tax system for KIWIS work.

    Ethel Leatham 11/07/2016 11:02am (23 months ago)

  • I agree that using an online system would have to be an opt in thing, rather than being mandatory, especially for small businesses.
    We Xero currently which connects the GST direct to IRD, not sure why the PAYE can't be the same.

    Something better would be for IRD to have something that provides correct PAYE calculations in real time. I had real issues trying to work out how to pay staff a fixed bonus value and calculate the PAYE on-top of that correctly, even through using Xero Payroll, working through the IRD website calculators and also speaking to IRD staff several times.
    PAYE rates need to be simplified and if there is an ACC levy included this needs to be noted clearly also.

    Deanne Bridle 13/07/2016 1:45pm (23 months ago)

  • We tried using file transfer from our MYOB NZ payroll, and it appeared to transfer okay, for . Company.
    However 3 weeks later we got a letter from IRD stating we hadn't filed the EMS IR348, but the IR345 Summary had transferred okay. This has caused us a problem to add back the EMS manually, and now we need to go back to manual enter of IR348 EMS , and that completes the IR345 online.

    Alan Hewetsonn 13/07/2016 3:39pm (23 months ago)

  • I have a very simple set up as a sole operator but like the idea of being able to work across all my IRD interactions in one space. And keeping on track with provisional tax is a plus - one less thing to make sure the future funds are sorted for! Ideas look good. Having used online since 2008 this looks like a definite 'step change' to use the jargon:)

    Kirsten Collins 18/07/2016 6:25pm (22 months ago)

  • Wages change from week to week.
    Have waited up to 2 weeks for a reply from IRD.
    Replying too slow

    craig 20/07/2016 3:50pm (22 months ago)

  • So what ethics of care and privacy are addressed here? Who will have access to this data and when?

    Noeline 21/07/2016 4:10pm (22 months ago)

  • IRD Interactive Software package with scan facility would be also excellent -

    Emere Purewa Reweti 27/07/2016 1:30pm (22 months ago)

  • 1 My IR sends an email stating that there is a message or document wating and we have to log in to see what it is - why not just put the message in the email?
    2 GST returns consist of sales x 3/23, zero rated x 3/23, adjustment x 3/23, purchases x 3/23 & adjustments x 3/23, when all these could be entered as whole amounts and only the final difference x 3/23.
    3 Cut off date has been changed from post stamped to received, which gives us no certainty, as a letter from Ak to Dn can take 1 day to 1 week, so why not go back to post stamped.
    4 We were endlessly hounded to change from paper and cheques to My IR, which is ok for filing but when a club with two signatures has to pay, we have to pay by cheque - but Westpac does not accept cheques - so we may as well go back to paper returns

    David Ross 27/07/2016 5:56pm (22 months ago)

  • I like the idea of having all accounts under one login. Will this include organisations or society accounts that I work with as well as my private ones?

    Graham Morris 30/07/2016 6:27pm (22 months ago)

  • I certainly support the call by a number of others for IRD to publish APIs for developers to integrate and create efficiency via creative innovation. I trust IRD are also promoting the development/adoption of standards that allow electronic routing and processing of data/documents such as invoices, bank statements - ?

    Mike 01/08/2016 11:40pm (22 months ago)

  • Filing every time we make a payment will INCREASE our workload. Currently reconciling our EMS & IRD payment are time intensive because of validations on the EMS file. We need to extract these and generate adjustments.
    If the EMS file was 'accepted' including these adjustments, it could improve the process, but I don't expect IRD will change those validations.

    Saaryn Short 08/08/2016 9:23am (22 months ago)

  • My ir secure login is to frigging hard. If you want me to usemail it is should he able to pick my password and login as I want it. Not as you think it should be.

    Jack 08/08/2016 4:12pm (22 months ago)

  • Order needs to rethink the whole tax system. Too many rules and especially for big companies or wealthy people to dodge paying real tax. No deductions. No FBT. Just a flat rate that increases with income level.

    Jack 08/08/2016 4:17pm (22 months ago)

  • I have to ask why businesses are required to pay Employee ACC. Why is ACC for employees not taken out of their PAYE or treated the same as KiwiSaver? Individuals should be paying their own ACC levies, and remove this burden from businesses. From a business perspective, we are expected to pay ACC levies on company income, director income as well as employee income. That is a quite a burden. Let alone, businesses are tax collectors and get no recognition.

    Catherine Barnett 09/08/2016 7:44am (22 months ago)

  • A simple tax system saves time for NZ businesses. Automation also saves time. A standard open interface allows different approaches and encourages competition, so is much better than integration with specific software.

    Mark 09/08/2016 5:31pm (22 months ago)

  • Prepared three Xero GST returns for clients this morning: first would have overpaid GST by $200, second would have underpaid by $500, and third would have overpaid by $1300. These are errors that we pick up when assisting clients, and/or when preparing year end.

    Gill Holden 10/08/2016 10:10am (22 months ago)

  • What about RWT.

    This is such an easy Tax but it is so awkward to pay and file as it is still manual.

    Jacqueline Andrew 12/08/2016 1:43pm (22 months ago)

  • I would like tax to be calculated on a quarterly basis and paid at that time in order to avoid Terminal Tax at the end of the year ( if owed) or calculated Provisional tax to high for what as actually been earned at that time.

    Dawn Lightfoot 12/08/2016 3:47pm (22 months ago)

  • If there were a need to invest in additional accounting software to what I already have (MYOB), this would be a deterrent for me. The concept is good but make it user-friendly please.

    Robyn 14/08/2016 7:40am (22 months ago)

  • Filing GST online is great but it would be more convenient if I could make the payment too while I'm logged in, and I wouldn't fear missing making the payment because I have to do that part on the bank's website. Filing and paying at the same time should really be no different to me buying goods online.

    Denise 15/08/2016 9:00pm (22 months ago)

  • I agree with earlier comment to expose APIs made available to public for filing/managing/retrieving their tax returns (in addition to supporting directly filing from major accounting softwares such as XERO, MyOB). Giving people choice is the way forward and increase the chance of online uptake of these futuristic services.

    Ankur 17/08/2016 9:05am (21 months ago)

  • As long as you also pass relevant information to Statistics so we don't have to complete their returns as well, life will be great. Then they could at least -pre-populate their forms with some information and we just have to fill in the remainder.

    Oliver Mould 18/08/2016 1:27pm (21 months ago)

  • I really like it. As long as the accounting software interface keeps up to date and Xero isn't the only software you can use (to keep the price competitive) I think it will work well. Especially like the idea of only entering information once - less room for error. A great thing to consider would be a live chat help desk - I used them when in Australia and found the good ones were invaluable. I gained answers to my questions almost instantly without having to sit on the phone for hours. If the person I was chatting to didn't know the answer, they would message "please wait and I will ask my supervisor" you could see they were still there (....Bob is waiting etc).

    Rachel HP 22/08/2016 11:02am (21 months ago)

  • I believe it is inappropriate for IRD to be providing this service. I see a conflict of interest in IRD doing this work and then monitoring and auditing the affairs of businesses. I am strongly against IRD being involved this type of activity as I see real conflict with businesses dealing with IRD

    Neville Cowan 23/08/2016 4:54pm (21 months ago)

  • Sounds a like a timesaving solution - for those who use a standard accounts/payroll system. For those of us who use a manual system, the on-line GST and PAYE is pretty simple.
    Biggest pain point for me is when something goes wrong. It can quickly go nightmarish trying to contact IRD to explain/ query and waiting 15 days or more - in the meantime automated letters keep on coming out ....

    Wendy 24/08/2016 11:51am (21 months ago)

  • Not only accounting software what about payroll software?

    Rob 27/08/2016 9:05am (21 months ago)

  • One size (package) does not fit all. The existing system works well for our small business, and our accounting software is perfect for our business but no doubt we would need to purchase something new and expensive. I think people should get the choice to with keep things the way they are or to move to a newer system. Not every business has the knowledge to keep up with the changes, but they still play a vital part in the community and the New Zealand economy.

    Janine 05/09/2016 9:01pm (21 months ago)

  • Seems more suited to bigger business that can afford to have their accounting software modified to interact with IRD. Will IRD work with software vendors to push out a free upgrade to make it easy and available to all?

    John Jansen 06/09/2016 12:41pm (21 months ago)

  • So long as we are given a choice and are not forced to file that way.
    My accounting system does not produce a GST return that includes all the GST I have to pay on sales that have not yet been completed and processed. ( as they are orders that can take months to complete) So it would not work for me.

    Heather 08/09/2016 4:15pm (21 months ago)

  • Twice now I've been hit with a $250 PAYE late filing fee. I've paid the PAYE due but forgotten to file the return electronically. IRD should be able to send me a reminder email before finding it necessary to fine me for such a simple error. After all we are all helping out IRD by doing these administration tasks for them as I could revert to filing paper returns which isn't the preferrable option to IRD, so how about helping us out here a little aye?

    Elaine Sutherland 13/09/2016 4:06pm (21 months ago)

  • I receive a Statement of Account from IRD showing an amount owing of $130.38 as a late filing fee which I paid. I get a reminder letter the following month saying that $119.62 is still outstanding. I ring up to find out that the late filing fee was $250 not $130.38 and that IRD credited my PAYE payment of $119.62 off the fee which then showed I owed $130.38 instead of $250.00. I am then required to pay interest on the outstanding amount. Please sort out your statements to show what is actually owing and don't send an account showing the amount owing is $130.38 when the figure is actually $250. This system wastes everyone's time.

    Elaine Sutherland 13/09/2016 4:17pm (21 months ago)

  • I expect there are a lot of small businesses like us that have not had the need to go to accounting or payroll software yet as number transactions turnover doesnt call for anything sophisticated or complicated . I use a custom spreadsheet coded from bank input which assists complete the GST and precoded for IR3. Its manageable whilst we are not employers and just part time start up. I too would support what others have commented on re an easy payroll system IRD provided to assist those with a few part-time employees only.

    Brenda 19/09/2016 8:02am (20 months ago)

  • EGST - If the accounting software is reading from the customers bank account details to complete a GST return, has any thought been applied to the customers, such as Real Estate agents, who have already had Withholding tax taken from them Commission payments, therefore would be at risk of under declaring their income in the GST return. Could there be an alert when the customer is reviewing the return (prior to it submitting to IR) that asks if they need to add withholding tax back onto the income figures & they cannot progress the return unless they select 'yes or no'; if yes is selected, could the software add on an additional 20% to the income figures. By selected yes or no the customer is taking a tax position.

    stacey 23/09/2016 3:42pm (20 months ago)

  • This is so great. I am not sure though on security issues etc. I would suggest IRD create APIs that will suit some free open source accounting software out there. That way, IRD will be able to recommend such free software to integrate with the MyIRD system, and encourage small businesses to use it. We will need simple and clear documentations of integrating the systems.

    Freddie Mbuba 05/10/2016 8:56pm (20 months ago)

  • Buying compliant accounting software is just another expense a small business struggles to afford. The only benefit over a good excel package is the last step - submitting, which now only takes a few minutes.

    R. Jowett 17/10/2016 4:38pm (19 months ago)


What happens now

At the moment, you can file your EMS or GST returns online, or post paper returns to us.

Paper returns aren't ideal. Mistakes can be made when you copy the information over from your business records, and you need to mail your return early to make sure it reaches us  by the due date.

Because paper filers don't get prompts from software, due dates can be overlooked.

If you file online, you'll need to switch between screens containing your business records and our online filing service to enter information. For people with accounting software, there's no direct link between your system and ours to simply ‘upload’ this information.

Payroll and other relevant information generally isn't shared between government agencies, so you may need to spend time sending the same information to different agencies.

Mistakes can be time-consuming. If you find you've made a mistake after you've filed a return, you may need to write to us or a send secure email message via myIR Secure Online Services to ask us to make changes.

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You can find out about these on Government’s Making Tax Simpler  (external link) website.

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