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Our ideas for the future of tax led to over 360 comments, including some questions from our customers. Here are some of the common themes and questions:

Do I need to purchase new software to process my tax in the future?

No. Businesses will not have to purchase accounting software as they will still be able to use myIR Secure Online Services to manage their tax.

However, to make tax easier for businesses in the future, we are working with the accounting software industry to identify ways their software might work with our systems.

Will there be room for other accounting systems in the marketplace?

Yes, our system will be designed to work with all the commonly used accounting software providers.

What about those who live rurally and have a poor internet connection?

Paying your tax online is just one way you will be able to communicate with us. If you are having problems with your internet connection you can always contact us via phone or post.

Would the new tax system recognise home based businesses where expenses such as power and rates are split between business and home?

Our focus is on making the current tax system easier and simpler to deal with. Businesses will be able to assign their expenses in the same way they do now, but it will be simpler and easier to do so.

I submit a monthly EMS. Would I be able to do this electronically without software?

Yes, customers will still be able to submit all types of tax return through myIR if they don’t have accounting software.

Will these changes affect all tax types?

We are at the start of the process of improving New Zealand’s tax system and the Changing For You campaign is about the Inland Revenue sharing our vision for the future of tax. Specific details of the changes are still being decided but the first stage of the improvements focusing on GST online is happening right now. You can find out more about the changes at: (external link)

Will Inland Revenue still retain elements of its old system?

Our new ideas for tax are about making it simpler and easier for people to pay their taxes. As such, the best elements of our current system will be kept and brought across into the new system.

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